◆ Double column
◆ Five axis linkage (five surface machining)
◆ Processing Fan Weiguang
◆ High precision
◆ Work table with
◆ World leader

    NC dragon door boring and milling machining center is Daming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest CNC boring and milling machine is so far the most advanced boring milling machining centers. The equipment can be installed at a time with five faces, double column, rotary table to achieve the five axis linkage. NC dragon door boring and Milling Machining Center settled the Daming machine industry production capacity has been greatly improved, products and services range was expanded, can flexibly meet the needs of the continuous development in the nuclear power plant, gas turbine, aviation, aerospace and military fields, and the fields of every customer's unique needs.


◆ Column moving
◆ Three axis linkage
◆ Processing Fan Weiguang
◆ High precision

    This machine is a vertical column mobile three axis CNC deep hole drilling machine. The machine tool structure is advanced and reliable, technology is mature, with good appearance, perfect and reliable safety protection device. The utility model is mainly used for the porous drilling process of a pipe plate which is composed of different layers of materials, wherein the nuclear power evaporator tube plate is a typical processing part.


◆ Column moving
◆ Five axis linkage
◆ High efficiency
◆ High-precision
◆ High reliability
◆ Work table with
◆ World leader

    Italy British tournament floor boring and milling machine is the first input in the use of the first floor boring and milling machine. The device is a movable structure with a boring bar, an accessory milling head and a rotary working table. Seven coordinates of any five axis rotation, the work station is 9 meters, 5 meters wide, bearing 250 tons. The equipment can be used for processing nuclear power equipment and materials, cast iron, cast steel, steel structure parts and non-ferrous metal materials. High efficiency, high precision, high reliability and complete boring, drilling, tapping, milling, cutting groove, such as the process of rough and finish machining.


◆ Processing length of up to 12 meters
◆ Plasma argon arc welding gun + combination
◆ Single side welding
◆ High precision
◆ Molding beauty

    Using high performance plasma argon arc welding gun + combination, can also be used alone. The welding seam is formed by one side forming, the appearance is beautiful, and the quality of the beam is qualified. The most widely used in the equipment manufacturing industry of various types of joint welding, such as: medical equipment, vacuum equipment, sheet metal processing, corrugated tube, meter, sensor, auto parts, chemical seals, etc.. Application to most metal welding, such as aluminum and its alloy, stainless steel, constantan, iron / nickel, copper nickel alloy, nickel silver, titanium / Ta / Zr, gold.

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